8 travel essentials you want!

1. Big thermos flask

Drinking enough water is always important. While traveling you can sometimes forget or you don’t just have water from the tap at your disposal, so a large (thermos) bottle is your salvation. I would go for a thermos to keep your water cold or tea warm. I have one of 24bottles myself. They really have a lot of choices! Another beautiful bottle is that of Stanley.

2. Workout clothes

You will walk a lot while traveling and of course you want to be a bit comfortable. Nice workout clothes are then the best option, in my opinion. Personally, I only wear Oner Active at this moment. They have very nice, simple and comfortable workout clothes! Here on the left is a picture with their black long sleeve shirt and you can see the strap of their burgundy sports bra. They’re both gorgeous!

3. Long (warm) socks

When you’re done with a long day or just woke up and want to be comfortable for a while, warm fluffy socks are a must. This is especially recommended on the colder days and nights. The floor of your van is colder than you may be used to in your normal home. I love the active and normal socks from the sustainable brand: Colorful Standard.

4. Snacks

Sometimes you just need a snack. It is also useful to take something with you when you go for a walk or visit a town. Cashews with cranberries is really my favorite snack in the camper.

5. (Listening)book or podcast

A road trip cannot do without driving and driving cannot do without music, audiobook or podcast. I myself have become a fan of Storytel. They have a lot of choice in books and so you can enjoy a good book all the way.

6. Hikingshoes

You probably walk a lot during your trip, so you really need good hiking shoes. I always think: no, I’m not going to use it, I have good sneakers. But I’m always glad I brought them anyway because they always come in handy. Especially if you go on a nature holiday (where it rains occasionally).

7. Citronella candle

Candles are nice. Citronella candles are a must when traveling to keep all those mosquitoes away, do I need to convince you further?

8. (Card) game

Take some cards with you. You can really play cards with anyone and you can easily make friends with your neighbors. There are also games for 1 person. I got one as a present from my mother. You can also take such a sudoku book with you if you want to relax in the evening with a cup of tea and chocolate.

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