Is vanlife for me?

Pros of vanlife

  • Hotels or even hostels can now be quite pricey per night. With a camper you can decide for yourself how much money you want to pay for an overnight stay.
  • It’s comfortable camping. You can still have the feeling of camping in a tent, but then you sleep in a wonderfully comfortable bed. You can also take quite a bit of stuff with you in your camper.
  • You don’t depend on anything if you don’t want to. Of course it depends a bit on what kind of camper you have, but in principle all options are open.
  • You are very flexible. You can discover a new place every few days. That’s the coolest thing about traveling this way.
  • You enjoy (easier) all the little things. Nice view or sunset, a morning walk, a nice hot shower. And much more.

Cons of vanlife

  • It costs money. You have to get a camper from somewhere, this can be a new one or a second-hand one. For both, you need some capital.
  • Camper life often means not having a permanent place. So every few days you will have to look for a new place (to sleep). This also makes it fun, but can also be tiring.
  • The easy and small household things often take extra time in the camper. You have a smaller space to clean, but that space also gets dirty and messy 3x faster. In addition, you have to get water every few days, throw garbage somewhere, find laundromat for your laundry, etc.

Go for it!

Finally, think about what kind of person you are. Are you spontaneous, do you like a routine, are you a city or nature person? All answers are good for camper life. The important thing is that you have thought about it. Camperlife is still the normal life in which friends, family, school or work are important factors. It can even be heavier from time to time, but it can also be extra beautiful.

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