This product is amazing; it works wonders from day 1. Plus this brand is real, honest and more sustainable.

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Want some make up on your face? Want a natural more sustainable brand then look at Iliabeauty.

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Traveling means being outside quite a lot. This also means taking care of your skin; face and body. Try naif!

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Sustainable lingerie

Feel good and comfy, look great and sexy. While also being better for the environment.

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Oner Active
Workout clothing

If you want the best workout clothes go for Oner Active. They know what they are talking about, these leggings!

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Want to learn about a new subject of just read a good story. An e-reader is the way to go in a tiny space.

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Menstrual cup

If you have a period then you know how annoying they can be. This makes life and the couple of days a lot easier.

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Happy soaps
Hair products

Instead of buying big plastic bottles with shampoo you can just get great bars. Smaller, easier, more sustainable.

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Selfless by Hyram
Skin care

This is skincare made with the planet in mind. Plus just really great formulas that do wonders for your skin.

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we are wild

We are Wild
Natural deodorant

Using a natural deodorant is the way to go! More sustainable, better for you and wallet, and you still smell great!

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Colorful Standard

Clothing made more sustainable and very comfy. Plus you get in happy mood just looking at it.

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Reusable water bottle

Light, looks nice and is better for the environment. Go for a reusable water bottle like this one.

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