Review: Campercontact vs park4night vs iOverlander

Three well-known camper apps are Campercontact, partk4night and iOverlander. They have similarities, but also some differences (especially regarding the design). For the last two road trips (France and Norway) I used all three to see how they work. I have come to the conclusion that I would use them all for different purposes.


Campercontact is perfect if you want to find a nice camper place (for a longer period of time). You may have to pay – it doesn’t have to be a lot – but you will most likely get a good night’s sleep and feel safe with the RV neighbors standing next to you.


Park4night may be better for lesser known motorhome sites and will probably give you more options (except maybe for Belgium, France and Germany). However, there is also a chance that the place is outdated. If you have found a place online, it may be the case when you arrive that you see a sign saying that you are no longer allowed to park there. So more options but less certainty. Park4night is also good for finding other amenities you might need along the way, such as finding water, parks, and dumps.


iOverlander is close to park4night: they have similar filters. I used iOverlander the least on my travels. I found this through American from lifers and I think it is more useful in that area. However, it is still useful. The best thing about multiple apps is that you can view the same place and their ratings on different platforms. This way you can find the most recent update and see if you like going to that camping spot.

In addition to these three apps, there are of course more options: other apps, websites, platforms. So a good tip is to always look online when you go to a new area. Each country or area has its own rules and resources that can come in handy!

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