Ask yourself the question: how much water am I going to use? You don’t want to have to go looking for water every time. However, the larger the jerry can or water tank, the heavier your camper will be. Find the balance between them that works for you.

Another question: do you want presser hot water in your camper? You can keep it very simple and only go for cold water and boil the water when you need hot water. You can also buy a water boiler so that you always have hot water easily. It depends on your priorities.

The next question: do you want an automatic pump or do you also like a foot pump, for example. For the first you need electricity, albeit very little. For the second you only need your muscles. There are two different automatic pumps, namely a submersible pump or a pressure pump. A submersible pump, as the name suggests, is placed in your water tank, which is why it often makes less noise. When buying your pump, you should also take into account your non-return valve, pressure and capacity. If you are going to buy a water heater, make sure that it connects to each other. A good website to check out for additional information is Obelink.

Als je voor een automatische If you go for an automatic pump, which most do, don’t forget to add an on and off button. This way you can easily turn off your pump and it will accidentally go over water when you drive on bumpy roads. You don’t want your water getting everywhere without you realizing it! To be on the safe side, it is wise not to place your electricity too close to your water.

After you have used the water, where do you want it to go? Do you want a gray tank in the van? Then you have to take the gray water jerry can out of your van from time to time and dump it at a dedicated dumping space. You can also put a gray water jerry can under the car and turn the lid open when you are at the dumping place. Even more luxurious is if you have a switch in your van, which automatically opens the tank. This way you don’t have to get out of you camper, which is especially useful when it is raining. So many options!

In summary, products you need for your water system

  • jerry cans / water tank
  • water pump
  • drink water hose
  • water adhesive tape
  • switch
  • connecter
  • siphon


I myself do not have a shower because it takes a relatively large amount of space in a small room and it is not a priority for me right now. But maybe you find it worth having a shower. Unfortunately for that reason I don’t have enough infomrait e to advise or inform you properly at the moment. You can also go for an outdoor shower instead of a shower in your RV. For example, a compact solar camping shower or a  luxurious option.


For a toilet, there are also several options. You can choose one that looks a lot like the one you have in a normal house. But that requires a large water tank. Most people with a toilet go for the other available options:

  • Very cheap option: just a water bottle or a special portable urine bottle.
  • Slightly more expensive option: Porta Potti
  • Or as a more luxurious option: a composting toilet from Trelino for example.
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