The nice thing about building your kitchen is that you can completely personalize it! If you want to take your favorite pan with you, even if it is actually on the large side, you can! Measure how big it is and then you can keep just enough space open for it. So the first thing you should do is measure the important and relatively large items you want in your kitchen, such as: a refrigerator/cooler, sink, jerry can, blender or tea mugs.

After that you can start building the main frame of the kitchen and then build the specific spaces for each element. By making a layout of your kitchen you can easily build it organized.

Depending on how much experience and what tools you have, you can make it as difficult and professional as you want, but you can also keep it simple. Do you mainly opt for simple doors or do you want to build drawers? Drawers are nicer but more difficult (not impossible!). Know that you don’t need a lot of tools or experience to create a beautiful kitchen!


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