Before you start building, it is important to know what you want in your order. How much space does each element take up and where do you want to place it? I’ve drawn some options, but there are many more different layout options. For example, you can also have the kitchen at the rear. Take the time to find out what suits you best. Use your creativity!

Think about what your priorities are. Do you want to close off the space between the driver and passenger seats and the rest of the room? Do you need space for a shower and/or toilet? Do you want a large kitchen because you love to cook? Or do you want friends to be able to come over and sit down? do you have to work/study in your van? Do you want a large garage to store stuff? Do you need to bring nice clothes that you want to hang on hangers? These are all questions you should ask yourself in order to determine what your perfect layout is.

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