Vanlife: in (the area of) Strasbourg

If you want to know a little bit about what to expect in east of France and how you can prepare, read this blog with everything about camperlife in Strasbourg.

1. Camping

If you want to camp close to centre of Strasbourg, you should go to the city camping. It is expensive, but only a short walk to the shops and sights. The walk to the centre is actually pretty nice. The city camping itself has everything you need – enough space for you camper, camping table and chairs and some greenery – and nothing more.

2. The city

Strasbourg is a lovely small city. The houses have a big of a German, ski town feeling.You will probably be able to most of it in one day. They have some really good cafés and restaurants: try a ‘tart flambé’! You have to enter cathedral, it is very much a touristy thing to do, but still impressive. And it has one of the oldest astronomical clocks.

3. Traditional days

In the whole area (Strasbourg and around) the stores will probably be closed on Sunday. This should not be a problem if you are aware of it. Saturday can be for (window) shopping and Sunday  to explore the small streets, look at the buildings and eat some nice food.

4. Also visit the wine region and Colmar

Strasbourg is lovely, but Colmar might even be better. It is also called ‘small Venice’. I’ve never been, but either way, the streets, canals and shops will give a quiet but lively feeling. Just walk around and you will enjoy. Next to Colmar, you will drive around the area and sip really good wine!

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