To the north of France

1. Wissant

Wissant is a small town on the coast. You are not allowed to walk along the coast with the dog on a large part, but it is allowed all the way on the outside of the beach. And it’s a beautiful beach! The rest of the town is not very special. You can get groceries and get a nice ice cream. That’s all you need, right?

Cap de nez is a very beautiful piece of nature that you cannot miss. Really not normal. And the coolest thing is that it is super quiet. I was there in early summer and there were really only a few other people on the beach. At the very top it was a bit busier, but still quiet. And beautiful views everywhere!

If you are convinced to visit here, you can park for free on a camper spot, but for 8 euros you have a very nice camper spot in Sombre. It has no amenities, but it’s a perfect spot (see the photo above). Very close to the beach and the town of Wissant. And peace and quiet. Recommended!

2. Wimereux

Wimereux is a small cute coastal village with beautiful houses. Here too, dogs are not allowed on the beach and path along the beach. You also have a number of nice shops and restaurants. You drive past it when you go towards Boulogne Sur Mer and it is nice to stop for a while.

3. Boulogne sur mer

Boulogne sur mer has a very nice beach with bizarre sunsets. The town itself is larger than the other named so far. I didn’t find the town on the coast very special. You can walk a long way across the sea, which was cool to do. In addition, especially the old part is worth walking through. There is a beautiful old church. There is also a large aquarium if you like that. You could see the seals swimming from the outside.

But most people actually come here mainly for the beach and that was also the reason I was here. Literally next to the coast is a camper place. You have to pay around 8 euros but it is more than worth it. I’ve been here for two nights. The first night it was quite windy and you can feel that a bit, but the view more than makes it worth it. Very nice.

4. Montreuil

A little further to the north east is also a beautiful town that is not on the coast. You can also really visit Montreuil if you want to visit a town. They have a cozy market, cute streets and tasty bakeries. I especially enjoyed the park just outside the town where you could look over a large part of the city and also watch a beautiful sunset here.

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