Vanlife with a dog

It was a good decision to take my (family) dog on my motorhome trip. Since I was going alone, I naturally had a traveling companion with me this way. First of all, that’s just a lot of fun, a good conversation starter and also gave me a little extra sense of security. So all positive! However, having a dog also takes extra time out of your day (which is totally fine because of all the benefits mentioned above). You don’t need much, but there are definitely some canine supplies worth bringing along, as well as some tips to think about when you take your next trip with your dog.


  1. Harness with (roller) belt. Whether you are traveling or leaving home, you will of course need this. In some countries it is mandatory to hold your dog in many places, so a retractable leash can be nice so that it has at least some room to move.
  2. A collapsible container (maybe even two). A container can take up quite a bit of space, so a foldable option is very handy. Then it will fit almost anywhere. With two trays you can keep one full of water and you can use the other for food. Otherwise you have to throw away the water if you want to put food in it or give watery food.
  3. A water bottle holder. Bringing enough water is also important for a dog, especially if you are walking a lot or the days are hot.
  4. Snacks (banana or some dog food). A lot of exercise also means a lot of appetite. Don’t dogs always feel like eating anyway? Bringing something from a snack is smart, then they listen to you extra carefully 🙂
  5. Bring poop bags! Mandatory in some countries to have with you. It is also very handy to have if you go into a town for a whole day, then there are often fewer options for walking your dog.
  6. Light. You will also have to walk your dog after dark. A light so that people can see that someone is walking next to you is recommended. Can just put a bike light and attach it to the harness.
  7. Extra: a winterjacket. If you have to walk the dog and it keeps raining and you don’t want your dog to smell like rain all day, a rain/winter coat is a good option.


See if dogs are allowed in the area you want to visit. In addition, some cities are very dog-friendly and others are not. This also means that dogs are allowed in some shops etc. Make sure you look this up before you go anywhere so you don’t get your hopes up.

Look up where the dog parks are. It’s also an easy way to meet people.

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